What our guests see through our telescope
M6 is an open cluster in Scorpius. It is also called the
Butterfly Cluster. Can you find a butter fly there?
Best viewed from winter to spring
Albireo is a double star in Cygnus. It is
known for its beautiful colour contrast.
Best viewed from winter to spring
M57, a planetary nebula in Lyre,
the final stage of the life of a sun-like star
Best viewed from spring to summer
The Tarantula Nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud,
one of our satellite galaxies 160,000 light-years away
Best viewed in summer
All the images were made by our 46cm telescope. They are all short-exposure
(60-100 seconds) photographs to give you some idea what you can actually
see through our telescope during the night sky tour. However, you will not see
the colours on most objects as these photographs show, as the human eye
cannot perceive colour on faint objects. Bright stars and bright nebulae are

If you would like to see spectacular long-exposure images of these objects,
use a search engine like Google. Click on "images" , not "web", and type in the
name of the object you want to see in the search box. You will see hundreds of
images of the object, taken by major observatories and amateur
astrophotographers around the world.   

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