The asteroids bearing the names related to the Observatory
Mr. Tsutomu Seki, an internationally known comet observer and co-discoverer
of Comet Ikeya-Seki, kindly gave me the opportunity to suggest the names for
some of the minor planets (asteroids) he has discovered at Geisei Observatory,
Kochi, Japan. Subsequently, Minor Planets Stanthorpe, Girraween, Charleville,
Mout Kent, and Arthurpage were born.
Tsutomu Seki, discoverer of Asteroid Stanthorpe,
with the 60cm reflector at Geisei Observatory
10078 Stanthorpe
Discovered 1989 Oct.30 by T. Seki at Geisei.
Official citatiion
Stanthorpe, known as Queensland's wine
capital, is a town nestled in national parks
on the highlands in the southeastern past of
the Australian state. It is also known for fruit
production and beautiful night skies. The
name was suggested by E.Kato
Discovery image October 31, 1989
Double exposure: 15.04(UT) 15 minutes;
15.20(UT) 15 minutes, 60cm reflector f/3.5,
Geisei Observatory, Kochi, Japan
15723 Girraween     
Discovered 1990 Sept.20 by T.Seki at Geisei
Official citation
Girraween is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning "place
of flowers". In southeastern Queensland, Girraween National
Park is famous for massive granite outcrops, spectacular
wild flowers and a wide variety of wildlife.
Discovery image September 20, 1990
60cm reflector f/3.5
Geisei Observatory, Kochi, Japan
13933 Charleville  
Discovered 1988 Nov.2 by T. Seki at Geisei.
Official citation
Charleville is the largest town in Queensland's outback in
Australia. It is the home of Charleville Cosmos Centre,
which, blessed with very dark skies, introduces the public to
astronomy. The name was suggested by E.Kato.
Image courtesy Shigeo Shimomoto, Kochi, Japan
11927 Mount Kent  
Discovered 1993 Jan. 16 by T. Seki at Geisei.
Official citation
Mt. Kent Observatory is a facility for astronomical education, research and outreach
operated by the University of Southern Queensland. It provides remote and robotic
observing, in partnership with the University of Louisville, the University of Queensland
and Automated Patrol Telescopes Australia.
11516 Arthurpage  
Discovered 1991 March 6 by T. Seki at Geisei.
Official citation
Arthur Page (b.1922) is an Australian astronomer who has made a significant contribution
to the study of flare stars. He also founded the Astronomical Association of Queensland
to promote amateur astronomy. The name was suggested by E.Kato
10094 Eijikato   
Discovered 1991 Feb.20 by T. Seki at Geisei
Official citation
Eiji Kato (b.1942), together with his wife Naomi,
runs a bed and breakfast in Australia and
introduces their guests to the wonders of the
night sky from their in-house observatory. He
also translates {Comet hunter Seki's webpage}
into English to reach wider audiences outside
***The name of this asteroid was proposed by Mr.
Tsutomu Seki
The discovery image of 10094 Eijikato
Courtesy Tsutomu Seki
Exposures: 14-minute exposure from 03.07
and 16-minute exposure from 03.22,
February 23, 1991 (J.S.T.)
60cm f/3.5 reflector by Tsutomu Seki at
Geisei Observatory, Kochi, Japan

In this image the asteroid shows a diagonal
motion unlike the stars.
Comet Ikeya-Seki of 1965
Copyright Roger Lynds/NOAO/AURA/NSF
Click on the image for a higher resolution
11361 Orbinskij
Discovered 1998 Feb. 28 by T. Seki at Geisei.
Official citation
Artemij Robertovitch Orbinskij (1862-1927) was a Russian astronomer on the staff of the
Odessa department of the Pulkovo Observatory. He made important contributions
especially in the field of positional astronomy. The name was suggested by E. Kato.
See the orbital simulation for Asteroid Orbinskij.
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This image was taken on July 5, 2013
at Twinstar Guesthouse Observatory using
its 18" f/4.5 reflector.