Information for Amateur Astronomers  
Observing Conditions

Generally, the limiting magnitude at the zenith ranges from 6.0 to 6.5 and there is
no serious light pollution. However, during the soccer season (March to October),
the nearby soccer field will turn on their lights 2~3 times a week and the
southeastern sky becomes less than perfect.  As these lights will be turned off by
22:00 at the latest, all-night observing will not be affected.

Ballandean Village  is situated at the highlands 700 to 1000 metres above sea
level and 170 km inland. As a result, humidity is much lower and the number of
observable nights is greater than the coastal areas. On clear mid-winter nights the
temperature falls very quickly overnight (down to -5 degrees or lower) and this
may cause condensation on mirrors or lenses. Under these conditions, you may
need a special heating device or hair dryer to continue observing overnight.     
Our 46cm (18-inch) telescope in the
dome used for the night sky tour
(Not for guest use)
Unique accommodation with an astronomical observatory
Twinstar Guesthouse & Observatory is B&B accommodation with an in-house
observatory. We introduce our guests to the beautiful night sky from our
observatory (night sky tour) on every clear night. The night sky tour is geared
towards guests who have never looked through a large telescope or those with
limited observing experience.

Our location is suited to amateur astronomers, too, who want to enjoy observing
under dark rural skies.  The 18-inch (46cm) telescope is used for the night sky tour
and not available for guest use. However, for experienced observers, 16-inch and
10-inch Dobsonian telescopes are available. These telescopes are for visual
observing and not suitable for astro-photography.
If you are an astrophotographer, you may be interested in
astrophotograph pages (partially translated into English).
Twinstar Guesthouse & Observatory
28146  New England Highway, Ballandean, Queensland 4382, Australia
Phone: 07 4684 1135
The equipment storage area
Telescopes and binoculars are stored here for guest use. (Some
equipment is privately-owned and not available to other guests.)